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Iron fittings for the barge, Tartu 2006

On 26 April 2006 a single-masted river barge was launched on the River Emajõgi in Tartu. Such vessels were traditionally used on the River Emajõgi and on Lake Peipsi. It was built following old traditions and is the only ship of its kind.


The hoops on the mast and the heel piece were put in place while still hot. These iron fittings allow to hoist the mast and maintain it in its position. Fittings on the boom make it possible to lower the boom and to move it around the mast. Fittings at the top of the mast are used to secure one end of shrouds.


Stem fittings were applied while still hot and then fixed with nails. There is a clevis with its stem going through stem for attaching ropes coming down from the mast.



The hoops around the rudder post were also put in place while the iron was hot. The hinges between the tail post and the rudder shaft make it possible to turn the barge. Under water there are some iron fittings that protect the rudder blade from stone damage.

Planking nails

Altogether there are approximately 2500 nails of various sizes in the barge. Some of them bear the names of those who supported the making of the barge. One can make about 40 to 50 if such nails in a good day, each one of them needs to be heated up at least 5 to 7 times.


These little details are used to fix various ledges and strips. Once in the wood, they stay in there. Altogether there are about 10,000 of them in the barge's body.


Down in the hull of the barge there is a wood-burning stove that needed a metal frame to keep the stones together even on the roughest of waters. Little iron legs provide a bit of airspace between the stove and the floor. The edges of the stove top are slightly raised to keep all the pots and pans in place during a storm.

Large grommet

Iron edge of the hawsepipe.

Padeyes for securing lines to the side

A padeye to secure lines to side planking. Such padeyes can be used to secure tiller lines or mooring hawsers. Shrouds are also attached to similar fittings.


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