Optimal -  When designing something new, I want to find the perfect material for that particular piece. I want everything to perform well and be durable.  Each material in its right place!

Ring, Tartu 2012

A ring with theatrical masks, titan. My client and I talked about this ring for the first time on board of a freshly launched ship in 2006. We took our time choosing different materials and motives until I designed the ring and then there it was... Photo by Henri Timusk

Ornament for leather bracelet, Tallinn 2015

This stainless steel infinity symbol on a leather strap was a woman's gift to her husband on their tin wedding anniversary to denote their long life together.

The client's comment after the happy occasion: "This is an incredible piece of work, everyone involved was very happy!"

Rapier, Tallinn 2013

A gift from former students to the Secondary Science School in Tallinn.

Candle holders, since 2003

The small candle holder "Signet ring" is for one tea light. The "Paragraph mark" for two tea lights resembles the symbol of infinity. The "Aroma" has a small dish for diffusing aromatic oils above the candle.

Scales, Strasbourg 2003

A present from the Estonian Chancellor of Justice to the head of European chancellors of justice and ombuds- men on the occasion of his first visit to Estonia. The weights are similarly sized striped blocks of steel and oak. The scales are balanced despite the fact that the two materials are different!

Roses, since 1999

The rose with its thorns has been forged from a single piece of iron. It took me years to get from big heavy roses to tiny and delicate tea roses. Apparently pastry chefs use the same technique to make marzipan roses.

Mirror Headstrong, Tartu 1997

The frame has been drawn from one single piece of iron. Only the small rivet has been added to join the two sides. The handle features a traditional element of blacksmithing – a twisted cage. In order to make on you have to slice the material into four and twist it. The end is decorated with a forged ball. 

Rapier Ugala, Tartu 2012

The guard for the freshmen's rapier at the 100-year-old student fraternity Ugala. The shape of the guard is based on that of the rapier made in 1937.

Key, Tallinn 2009

A key for the handover of a new building. The bow of the key features the logo of the owner and the bit that of the builder.

Horse shoe brooches, since 1996

In olden times brooches were used instead of buttons. Brooches have been used to hold one's garments together for more than 3000 years. Archaeological findings include mostly copper and bronze brooches. However this could be because these materials kept better when buried underground.

Knots, since 2007

Bowline knots in iron, brass and stainless steel. This is a very reliable knot that does not slip nor loosen and it is thus used by all sailors, mountaineers and beekeepers. 

Medal of recognition, Paide since 2002

The municipality of Paide has awarded a medal of recognition to local young people who have been the first and the best in some field in Estonia during the year. An iron hoop surrounds the limestone centre into which the following words have been engraved: "More resilient than iron, more solid than rock".

Spoons for newlyweds, Rogosi manor 2004

Wrought iron spoons for newlyweds are united with a ring. The date of the wedding has been engraved onto the ring and the names of the bride and groom onto the spoons. All the three weddings took place at the same time in summer in a manor house in Southern Estonia!!!
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