Durable -  Properly finished works made of suitable materials can survive rust and malevolence and serve their purpose for
a very long time. Well-designed wrought iron does not expire!

Crosses, Saaremaa 2009-2011

Two similar crosses on a companion plot. The details of the crosses are in mirror image but the materials and the size are exactly the same. Name plates grow out of the earth in front of the crosses.

Restored grave railings, Raadi 2013

This old railing on the Raadi graveyard had lost its original appearance over the years. Some details were bent, some rusted and some altogether lost. Now the railings have been restored to their former shape.

Circle of life for my Teacher, Tallinn 2006

Ülo Sepp had originally designed this as a mirror frame. Heino Müller, another blacksmith found the sketches after my Teacher had passed on. Together we decided to scale it down and make it into an adornment on the Teacher's tombstone. We named it "The Circle of Life".

Grave railing, Palamuse 2003

A small low corner railing with two candle holders. The design has been inspired by the calamus plant.

Grave marking, Võrumaa 2007

A monument like grave marking which reminded the client of the buildings designed by the Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen. The iron surface will oxidise over time and acquire a maintenance free surface.

Funeral service candle holders, Tartu 2004

A pair of floor candle holders placed near the casket of the departed. Altogether there are six candles because it is believed that paired numbers symbolise perfection and finality, in this case the end of a life.

Grave railings, Nina village 2008

Low railings with a gate at a cemetary near Lake Peipsi. The design was inspired by the onion shaped domes of the church next to the graveyard.
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