Functional  -  Often the  surroundings of a  piece require  novel technical solutions. To achieve that, all the details of the design serve the purpose of the item at hand. Utilitarian blacksmithery!

Door grills, Taipalsaari 2013

Side-folding door grills in Finland. Such a solution was needed because there was not much space for opening the grills. The grills feature a traditional blacksmith lock with wax finish over brushed iron.

Door canopy, Lossi 2015

I designed this canopy for a listed building according to the traditions of geometry and good blacksmithing. I cannot quite tell whether the use of spearheads was ins- pired by the way the fence of the building looks or because there used to be a military smithy in the same area during the Swedish reign. Back in those days the street had been named Smyde because of the smithy.

Scales, Saaremaa 2014

Weighty scales to weigh people. 400 kilos of iron reac- hing as high as 3 metres- it is a hefty piece of work. The scales were made together with Jaanus Paaver who de- signed them and who graduated from my blacksmithery course a few years ago. That was the first major project carried out in cooperation with one of my students.

Outdoor menu case, Tartu 2013

The menu case locks with a key. Originally it was sup- posed to adorn the door of a wine cellar- hence the grapes. However, life seemed to have different plans for it and now the case can be found outside a beer shop. Toughened glass seemed to be suitable for the city centre environment and has been holding up rather well.

Door canopy, Tähtvere 2003

The design is based on an old half-finished sketch of a canopy for the building. The only element that could be recognised on the old drawings was the volutes. The weight-bearing beam is a new element showcasing collared joints.

Copy of an old weather vane, Sangaste 2006

Restauration works carried out on the roof of Sangaste Castle revealed the dismal state of the old weather vane- it could not show the direction of the wind properly and looked abused. It was decided to retire the old vane to the entry hall of the castle and replace it with an exact replica.

Fence, Saadjärve 2008

Front yard fence with a small gate and two large car gates. The gaps are sufficiently small to keep the family's dachshunds from escaping. My late teacher Ülo Sepp also saw the design and approved of it.

Door fittings, Sääskküla 2012

Door handles, exterior lock plates and bolt to go with old door hinges. One of the locks is an old piece that has been restored. The other is a new one, forged to fit the print on the old door.

Wrought iron details of a gate in Supilinn 2006

A full set of wrought iron details for a gate in Tartu. Weld- on hinges, slide bolt and cane bolt. Hinges and handle with a wind latch for the gate. Finished with metal paint.

House number and flagpole bracket, Oa 2007

The old house number was restored and painted. The minimalistic flagpole bracket, however, has been freshly forged from one single bar of iron.

Plaque of recognition, Supilinn, since 2004

The citizens association in one area of Tartu- Supilinn- issues plaques of recognition to the building that has been restored or renovated particularly well that year. The wooden part remains the same except for the year but the iron hoop has a new pattern each year.

Plaques and signs, 2007 to 2013

The text has been punched into the stainless steel plaque using a letter set. The name plate features wrought iron letters on a block of wood. On the third photo you can see an address plaque with the name of the street and the house number riveted onto sheet metal. And the last photo shows a back-lit house number that has been struck out of sheet metal.

Bush knives, Tartu 2007

Traditional Estonian bush knives were awarded for outstanding achievements of the year in nature protection.

Window hinges, Kroonuaia 2004

The hinges and corner details of these windows are replicas of old items that have been struck out of sheet metal. Old nails recovered from the same house have been used as fasteners.
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