Time consuming -  A good piece of  blacksmithery can take  a rather long  time to make.   Each piece is unique  and I do not make compromises on quality. I cannot promise you fast work!

Fireplace screen, Saue 2011

The design strives to convey spaciousness by using volutes. Working on this grate restored my faith in volutes as worthy elements of forged items.

Stove door, Oa 2006

Both the patterned frames and the sheet metal have been brushed. Over the years heat has given the formerly shining surface a slightly blueish hue because of annealing. Gate hinges make it possible to open the doors completely. A double construction keeps the outside of the door cool.

Stove door, Kadriorg 2005

The design of this door is based on an ornate pre-1917 stove tile. I had miniature copies of it cast. The cast iron blocks with wreaths serve as door handles and corner details. The door features ventilation holes and has a latch. A double layer of sheet iron provides insulation.

Grill, Kavilda 2010

Grill in the shape of a traditional tripod with a cast iron pot hung on a chain. The iron has been left untreated so that it would oxidise as it gets older. The knot at the top makes it possible to disassemble the grill and take it indoors for the winter. Made in collaboration with Heikki Põldma.

Firewood basket for a sauna, Tartu 2015

A wooden basket big enough for several armfuls of firewood. The sheet metal base will keep the floor clean. There is a matching set of fireplace tools to go with the basket: broom, poker and shovel.

Fireplace tools and a grate, Kuu 2006

Fireplace tools and the stand feature a matching pattern. Prong and poker are longer to be at a safe distance from the fire while the broom and the shovel are smaller for easier handling. A grate and a smoke guard frame the fireplace.

Grill oven fittings, Ihaste 2002

Railings around the pit make it possible to adjust the grilling height. The smoke hood and the little chimney draw in smoke. There is a small door at the back for the smoker.

Fireplace screen, Hiiumaa 2003

The screen is minimalistic and massive. The fireplace is next door to a smoker stove. The design of the hinges and the latch of the smoker door echo that of the screen.

Set of fireplace tools, Tallinn 1999

A stand for poker, prong, shovel and broom wrought of black iron and for stainless steel skewers.

Fireplace screen, Lemmatsi 2003

Iron fireplace screen and grate and copper ash pan. Copper was used for the pan because the same material had been used for a hearth door.

Kamin, Sagadi mõis 2015

Mõisa jääkelder ehitati ümber mõnusaks saunaga istumiskohaks. Puudu oli elav tuli! Sisekujundaja mõte teha kuplikujulisse ruumi ümmargune kamin oli kirss tordil. Siiber on astmeliselt reguleeritav ja tuhaämber eemaldatav.
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