Made to order -  I will design and forge  ironwork  for your particular  backyard,  office or summer house and install it myself. You cannot find anything wrought by me in a shop!

For the house

Many everyday items in use today were originally wrought from iron and made by blacksmiths. Nowadays they are mostly machine produced using new materials but there are still things that only blacksmiths can make. 

For the outdoors

Over the centuries wrought iron has firmly established itself in yards and courts and gardens. It can be found there in the form of tools or in latches and hinges on gates or as ornaments on doors and windows.


Fire gives us light and warmth and makes our homes cosy. It makes life brighter in the middle of the freezing winter and also in the summery dusk.


Iron has been considered a worthy material for grave goods and ornaments since time immemorial. Grave markers and crosses have also traditionally been made of iron.

Little things

The human being has always been, is and will always remain vain. People decorate and surround themselves with things of beauty to feel good and to catch other people's eyes.

River barge

There is a saying that in the olden days boats were made of wood and men were made of steel but now ships are made of steel and men.... Barge Jõmmu is a vessel the likes of which used to sail on the River Emajõgi and the lake Peipsi. Fortunately it is made of wood.

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